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Schumann Prokovjeff Ligeti Gershwin


Danai Vritsiou took her first piano lessons at the age of 6 years old. Later she continued at theGreek music conservatory “Orfio” in Athens and took her first piano diplom there with the Prof.
Stavros Kollias. She also studied Musicology and Music Pedagogy at the University of Athens, as well as music theory ( Harmony, Contrapunct) near the composer G. Anastasopoulos. At the same time she attended singing and contrabass lessons.
In 2010 she continued her music studies (Musicology and Piano) in Germany. She studied at first piano in the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich with the Professor Yasuko Matsuda and after her graduation there in 2013, she continued in the class of Bernhard Endres in the Academy of music in Nürnberg. She is a holder of a Masters Degree in piano performance, with main emphasisin Robert Schumanns Pianomusic from 1830 to 1838. She also attented lessons at the same period in the department of Musicology in the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich.
She has given solo recitals and chamber music concerts in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Austria and France. She appeared with the Athens Sinfonietta and the Athenian Youth Symphony Orchestra, playing piano and harpsichord. She has actively participated in seminars and piano courses with M. Höhenrieder, Fr. Massinger, Michael Wladkowski, Janna and Katerina Polyzoides, D. Evnouchidou, Ag. Leimoni, Ig. Petrin, Lilia Boyadjieva, R.Salinas, Cl. Constantini, D. Petralia etc. 
She is a grant- holder of Richard Wagner Verband in Germany and at the moment she is working as a freelance pianist and musik teacher in Berlin while she is studying Tanz accompaninment and
improvisation in the Academy of music in Dresden.